Architectural complex "Ribarska mahala"

The only natural river fishing settlement in Bulgaria is situated in Tutrakan. Architecture complex “Ribarska mahala” with its originality, purity and revival spirit is preserved for the generations to come with its fishing nets, boat workshops and fisherman homes. The complex, as a living legend, reminds us about our ancestors` life style through generations, so Tutrakan can still be the most important fishing and boat construction center along Danube in contemporary Bulgaria.

The fishing neighborhood is situated in the north-east Tutrakan. It is a monument of culture with national significance possessing a unique authenticity. To the beginning of XX c. 1437 fisherman families live there and the number of professional fisherman increases constantly to 2296, while the city population is 7926 people. Despite the vicissitudes of fate in Tutrakan and Southern Dobrudzha to 40 ies of XX century, the total number of fishermen reaches about 5,000 people, and there were 1300 double-edged fishing boats on the river harbour. Architectural Complex "Ribarska mahala" is an essential part of the museum exhibition of the Ethnographic Museum "Danube Fishing and Boat Construction".

Ribarska mahala has also a scientific importance because of the 150-200 year old houses with their national architecture significance.  


“Dive into tranquility, peace, comfort and

discretion, enjoy the unique sunset ...


… an authentically restored fisherman's house, just 100 meters from Danube.

The house has a capacity of 12 beds, cable TV, internet and a parking lot. Each room has a bathroom (bath and toilet).


Fisherman`s house 

is managed by Tutrakan History Museum.