"The Bulgarian Army on the Northern Front"

This album is bilingual – Bulgarian and English, and is published with the financial support of the Bulgarian ministry of Defense. In this book the authors are reviling another side from the First World War, events that for a long time remained out of sight for the historians. The readers will be able to see richly illustrated moments from The Great War – the epic battles for Tutrakan and Dobrich, as well as faces of heroes– the generals Kiselov and Kolev and many others. The reader will have the opportunity to look into that age of strife and glory through published for the first time the postcards, photos and artifacts, preserving to this day the spirit of the age. This book is the result of expeditions organized and executed by History museum Tutrakan and History museum Dobrich in Northern Dobrudja, with the support of the Bulgarian ministry of defense in the period 2007-2016. The expedition finds and records lost military cemeteries, soldier`s gravestones, artifacts and memories. Through their efforts the reader will be able to see how the Bulgarian soldier fought and lived during the successful liberation of both South and Northern Dobrudja. The moments of brilliant victory in Wallachia and Muntenia. The quiet moments among the cacophony of artillery fire in which liberators and liberated shared the yoke of great common effort. This book will show the reader the faces and deeds of those who knew how to live and die for the fatherland. Price 50 BGN